Nikken Sekkei Holds Preview of the 2015 China Exhibition “Dear China: Shaping the Future Cities of China”


On April 6, a preview of the 2015 China Exhibition “Dear China: Shaping the Future Cities of China” was held at the 1st floor gallery of the Nikken Sekkei Tokyo building. There were some 100 participants, including Chinese clients. A congratulatory address was given by Mr. Xiaodong Ming, Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Japan, on behalf of the guests.
The exhibition is scheduled to be held until July 3. Images and mockups are used to introduce the work of the Nikken Group in China from the past to the future. As an interactive project, cameras linked to SNS are available at the gallery for participants to use freely. Please find the time to stop by.

Summary of the address by Minister Counsellor Xiaodong Ming

On behalf of the Embassy of China, I would like to express my congratulations on the occasion of this exhibition.
China is currently undergoing rapid urbanization. We are accelerating the construction of green cities, smart cities, and human cities by improving urban spaces and the comprehensive impact of cities, and are planning and promoting the integral development of cities and rural districts.
Cooperation between China and Japan in urbanization has large possibilities, and Nikken Sekkei has a wealth of experience in urban planning and design. It also has a strong record of accomplishments in urban planning all around China. I hold anticipations that Nikken Sekkei will participate in China’s urbanization process and support China’s urbanization development, and together with this, that Nikken Sekkei will achieve even more wonderful development.
Nikken Sekkei’s China project team form the bridge between China and Japan in the realm of urbanization.
I hope that you will all continue to cooperate with each other even more for the mutual benefit of both parties.

Profile of Minister Counsellor Xiaodong Ming

Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Japan. Before his appointment to Japan, he was assigned to the National Development and Reform Commission where he was mainly engaged in formulation of plans such as social and economic development planning, national spatial planning, and urban planning. He also has substantial experience in design and construction of urban spaces, and study and research of urban public services.

One of the world’s largest architectural design firms with over 2,500 professional staff, Nikken Sekkei and its six Group companies offer comprehensive design, engineering, management, consulting and R&D services. Established in 1900, the company’s portfolio consists of over 25,000 projects in 50 countries. Its activities cover a wide spectrum of sustainable public and private endeavors including: new city design, high-density/mixed- use transit-oriented developments, super-high rise buildings, business parks, offices and facilities for commercial, cultural, educational and healthcare use. Nikken is headquartered in Tokyo and maintains branch offices in China, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Russia, Spain and the UAE.


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