Nikken Sekkei holds “Urban Public Space Design Competition” for students.


Nikken Sekkei holds idea competition for students. The theme is urban public space design.
Entry registration starts from today, please see the following web site for further information.
We look forward to innovative proposals for a new era.

CEO Message

I have always had the view that we need to think about urban design as well as architecture. Of late, however, people in the architectural field do not comment much on urban design, and those in urban design do not venture into the territory of architecture. Believing that architecture and urban design need to become a little more interactive, we are holding this design competition.

This competition is open to students active in all fields related to architecture and the city, regardless of whether they live in Japan or abroad. We will be delighted if they can view the city from a broad perspective transcending disciplinary boundaries.

Tadao Kamei
President & CEO

For more information and entry registration, please visit the website below.

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