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  • Jinbocho Theater01
    Photographer : Gankohsha
  • Jinbocho Theater02
    Photographer : Gankohsha
  • Jinbocho Theater03
    Photographer : Gankohsha
  • Jinbocho Theater04
    Photographer : Gankohsha
  • Jinbocho Theater05
    Photographer : Gankohsha
  • Jinbocho Theater06
    Photographer : Gankohsha

Jinbocho Theater

Tokyo, Japan

Project Brief

Owner Shogakukan Inc.
Location Tokyo, Japan
Site area 319.28 sq.m.
Building area 252.53 sq.m.
Total floor area 1,427.59 sq.m.
Structure RC (steel plate anti-shock panel)
Floors 6 aboveground, 2 underground
Building height 28.05 m
Construction period :Mar 2006 - Jun 2007


This is an integrated project putting together a 100-seat cinema, a 126-seat story-telling theater, and a 300m2 practice arena for artistic school on approximately 300m2 of land. To accommodate such a program bounded by narrow streets, steel anti-seismic diaphragms aligned to the planning height control planes enable both a light structural frame and maximum column-free space to secure seat numbers and create an external heat insulating skin. The black cleavage acts as both a heat expansion and rainwater-channeling device. The conscious lack of detail and raw material finishes reflect the nature of the actor as a canvas and revitalize the area.


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