The National Museum of History

Hanoi, Vietnam

Project Brief

Owner The National Museum of History Project management Unit
Location Hanoi, Vietnam
Site area 280,000 sq.m.
Building area 34,200 sq.m.
Total floor area 88,200 sq.m.
Structure RC,PC,S
Floors 5 aboveground, 1 underground
Building height 31.00 m
Parking capacity 624 cars
Construction period TBA


Design of this project is based on Feng Shui concepts. With emphasis on the flow of energy towards the West Lake and Hong River, the museum extends to the center of the new urban area, leading to the West Lake.


Exterior of the building has an impression of calmness which symbolizes the spirit of Vietnamese people. Walls are covered with continuous eaves, which lead the natural light into the building and provide contact with outside, while providing weather protection. The large roof, gently sloping upward and extending to the east, signifies the development towards the future of Vietnam.

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