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Mokuzai Kaikan

Tokyo, Japan

Project Brief

Owner Tokyo Lumber Wholesalers Association
Location Tokyo, Japan
Site area 1,652.90 sq.m.
Building area 1,011.26 sq.m.
Total floor area 7,582.09 sq.m.
Structure SRC / W
Floors 7 aboveground, 1 underground, 1 penthouse
Building height 35.73m
Parking capacity 27 cars
Construction period Nov 2007 - Jun 2009


This project involved the relocation of the offices of the Association of Wood Wholesalers in Tokyo. It serves as a showcase to demonstrate the possibilities of wood as an urban construction material. Engawa, or Japanese terraces, allow a natural breeze to enter while shutting out strong sunlight for a comfortable indoor environment. Lumber were integrated into the building's structure, and architectural exposed concrete was cast in cedar formwork. Since the building uses a large amount of wood, great attention was given to fire safety measures. The design focused on creating spatial continuity with the use of layering and natural light.


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