Social Responsibility

Nikken Group, as well as achieving, through its main business, its company philosophy of "Contributing to Society through work of Value, thereby Fostering People and Advancing the Company", is also focused on Corporate Social Responsibility to create good corporate citizens to build society.

Regular displays to provide information related to architectural technology are open to the public on the first floor of the Nikken Sekkei Tokyo building.

Disaster assintance

Disaster volunteer support measures

 Nikken Group provides support to volunteer activities by Nikken Group staff in areas devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Volunteer group

The company volunteer Group (a recognized club activity within the company) uses its specialist knowledge to provide support to reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake. They undertake unique projects in communication with people in the affected areas such as; presenting a 3D model of the damage in tsunami affected areas, various workshops, interviews with people from fields other than construction, cooperation with reconstruction plans and improvement of the home environment of temporary housing etc.

Donations for conserving electricity

Nikken Group donated to the disaster relief effort for six months from March to August 2011, the money it saved from electricity conservation measures implemented immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake

Technical support to public agencies

Nikken Group is setting down response guidelines for support services in accordance with the requirements of the national government, regional municipalities, public agencies and the affected area in preparation for severe damage after a large-scale earthquake in a metropolitan area where buildings are highly concentrated.Specifically, Nikken conducts hazard assessments for continued use of or access to damaged buildings etc. for the purpose of preventing secondary disasters due to the effect of aftershocks on damaged buildings and other civil structures as well as assessment of the dangers of falling exterior cladding and signs.

Matizhai Hope Primary School

Nikken Group has formed a professional volunteer team with two design offices in Shanghai to design the Matizhai Hope Primary School for the Chinese Hope school campaign to build and refurbish elementary schools in poverty stricken areas to provide assistance to children who can't go to school for economic reasons.

Display Gallery

In the gallery on the first floor of the Tokyo building in Iidabashi, Chiyoda ward, regular displays of Nikken Sekkei's construction technology such as Architectural Design, Environment and Structure (seismic-resistance) are held for the benefit of local residents as well as people in construction related businesses.

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