We have compiled a video of Nikken Sekkei Group’s thoughts on Shibuya, an area that is forever evolving, and our involvement in its development.

Shibuya, an area that is constantly being transformed as a result of substantial remodeling projects around the station, has been visually rendered into a film portraying the rich experiences in this evolving area, combining interviews on how Shibuya was shaped and the perspectives of urban planners on urban development.

This video was created to commemorate receipt of the grand prize for almost 20 years of work in Shibuya at Nikken Sekkei’s in-house “EI AWARDS 2019”, which is based on the theme of the Nikken Sekkei Group tagline, EXPERIENCE, INTEGRATED (Integrating accumulated proficiency to deliver rich experiences).

Planning: Nikken Sekkei Group
Directed by: Daichi Oka
Performance by: Haruka Imou

◆ Watch the Japanese and Chinese versions here.
・Japanese :
・Chinese :


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