Cadre International TOD Center

Guangzhou, China

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China’s First 3-Dimensional TOD Project

This transportation hub complex project developed and integrated a total of nine public transportation bases, including a high-speed rail, intercity rail and subway, as well as office, commercial, and hotel facilities. The intercity rail connecting Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong will run through the fourth floor on the lower level of the facility, and several subway transfer halls will be connected to the second-level basement floor. A station core between the intercity rail and subway transit space will guide travelers through the facility, while an urban corridor with a view of the railway is planned to move people into the city.
CLIENT Guangzhou CADRE Investment Co.,LTD
LOCATION Guangzhou, China
SITE AREA 38,697.10 sq.m.
TOTAL FLOOR AREA 355,540.00 sq.m.
INFO Co-designed by Guangzhou Design Institute

Courtesy: Guangzhou CADRE Investment Co., LTD

Courtesy: Guangzhou CADRE Investment Co., LTD


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