The W350 plan, aiming to realize a supertall wooden skyscraper.
Winner of the Special Jury Award at the MIPIM AWARDS 2020.

The W350 plan, which Nikken Sekkei is collaborating in, has been awarded the the Special Jury Award at the MIPIM AWARDS 2020.

The W350 plan is a research and technology development concept to build a 350-meter high timber skyscraper by 2041, the year Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. celebrates the 350th anniversary of its founding. With the aim to create environmentally-friendly, timber-utilizing cities that are transformed into forests through wooden high-rise buildings, this project will contribute to people, society, and the global environment through futuristic technologies including the development of building methods, eco-friendly technologies, and trees as resources and building materials.
Sumitomo Forestry is responsible for the project concept and lumber engineering, and Nikken Sekkei is responsible for the architectural design and structural design of the emblematic 350-meter high wooden building.

The MIPIM AWARDS were inaugurated in 1991, and this year marks the 30th edition. Ordinarily, the MIPIM would be held in March in Cannes, in the south of France. In the wake of COVID-19 however, the event was cancelled, and a ceremony was held on September 15th during Paris Real Estate Week (PREW*) instead of MIPIM 2020 to announce the winner of the Special Jury Award and the winners of the Grand Prix in each category.

The MIPIM AWARDS 2020 received a total of 228 entries; 43 of these across a total of 11 categories were chosen as finalists.
The winner of the Special Jury Award was chosen by a jury of 11, while the winners of the Grand Prix in each category were selected via a combination of jury votes and online voting by registered participants of MIPIM 2020 and PREW.
To find out more about other prize-winning projects, please visit the following website:
* PREW Paris Real Estate Week is being held from September 14 to 17, 2020, in Paris, France, in place of the cancelled MIPIM 2020. It is an international event for members of the real estate and related industries.


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