NIKKEN SEKKEI Won an International Competition for the Architectural and Urban Planning Development Concept of the Rizhsky Freight Yard

Started as a result of an international competition held in 2019, this mixed-use development project covers an area of 700,0000sqm that includes the head office building of our client, Russian Railways. The site is a part of the 20ha site of a former freight yard adjacent to Rizhsky Station, one of Moscow’s nine historic rail terminals. The area encompasses residences, commercial facilities, hotels, a university, a convention center and medical buildings, among other facilities.

The concept for the development is “Rizhsky Innovation Yard” at the time of competition. Making use of the long, and narrow shape of the freight yard, the site is envisioned with a dramatic galleria, extending to a high-rise tower that serves as a landmark. Existing railway lines serve as guidelines for the cityscape and landscaping. Our proposal for the head office consists of a novel office design that can be rearranged flexibly according to user needs.
Measures were taken to maximize greenery, light and warmth in the environment despite the cold climate, to foster a wellbeing-oriented work community.


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