Nikken Sekkei Publishes “Sustainability Report 2021” Spotlighting Its Environmental Activities

Nikken Sekkei has published “Sustainability Report 2021” to introduce the actions we have taken to protect the environment.
We strive to enhance both the environmental activities in our day-to-day work - the “operations side”, and the environmental performance built into our projects through architectural design, supervision and urban design on the “project side”. In 2018, we established Nikken Sekkei’s “Environmental Policy”, which addresses not only environmental protection in energy, water resources, materials and other areas, but has also added environmental improvement of the work environment and wellness to the techniques we employ in our designs.
This booklet is a compact summary of our activities in 2020 and indicates the total emissions of GHG (greenhouse gas) by Scope Standard. We will continue to contribute to society with designs and actions that are appropriate and flexible enough to respond to anything our future holds in the “new normal” and “After Corona” age.


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