Botanic Garden

Moscow, Russia

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Creating the“Life”Brand with Transit Oriented Development

Northern Moscow’s Botanichesky Sad Station lies in a green environment where the metro intersects the Moscow Central Circle Line. We were involved in all parts of Russia’s first major TOD for the station: the Life Botanichesky 1 and 2 housing developments, an international school, Yauza-river bank revitalization, and the mixed-use Botanica complex, in various stages of construction. The new “Life” brand devised distinctive designs incorporating Japanese culture and public spaces with themed identities for each site.
LOCATION Moscow, Russia
SITE AREA 16.42 ha (Whole Phase)
TOTAL FLOOR AREA 577,000 sq.m. (Whole Phase)
INFO Construction drawings :TPO Reserve, Atrium, Terra Auri


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