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  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Urban Design and Planning
  • Landscape Design
  • Structural Engineering
  • MEP Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computational Design & BIM
  • Sustainability / Resilience
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Architectural Design

Nikken Sekkei's strengths lie in the fact that experts in fields such as architecture, urban design, and environment can collaborate and design from a broad perspective. Based on our firm philosophy, we continue to pursue architectural designs that lead the world.
For each project, we organize a team of experts including architects, planners, and engineers. Based on the expertise and experience of each member, and discussions backed up by evidence, we make innovative proposals that are optimized for our clients. We also have extensive experience in projects that span a wide variety of uses and require special technologies, such as offices, multiple dwelling complex planning, hotels, research facilities, and historic buildings. We also utilize IT and AI to dramatically increase our accountability.

We contribute to the earth’s environment through urban design and architecture that enable healthy and cultural lifestyles.

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Interior Design

Nikken Sekkei has been leading Japanese interior design for over 60 years, since the times when the word "interior" was still relatively unheard of in Japan. Now, there is no disputing that interior design is indispensable for the creation of lifestyles and workstyles.

When designing interior space, we believe that it is extremely important to emphasize not only aesthetics and decorativeness, but also to pursue functionality. While we look at domestic and overseas designs and trends, we cherish the keenly refined senses that are unique to Japan.

The interior designs we propose at Nikken Sekkei are based on technology and experience in each field of expertise. Our promise is to deliver high quality and expressive interior solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

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Urban Design and Planning

Every city in the world is in the process of growing, degenerating, or regenerating, each with their own problems and challenges. After its rapid post-war population increase and urbanization, Japan has experienced an economically stable period, and now cities are facing challenges caused by declining birthrates and an aging population. Meanwhile, reconstruction projects of existing urban areas that focus on capturing population flows are also in progress.

Amid this drastic change, Nikken Sekkei's team of urban designers and planners has addressed these social challenges and has completed various projects through attractive urban space creation ideas.

Today, we offer a wide variety of consulting services, as well as an innovative vision and design proposals leveraging our extensive experience and knowledge in Japan as well as overseas.

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Landscape Design

While the world is changing at an unprecedented pace, the connection between people and nature is being reconsidered, and the key is landscape design. Nikken Sekkei has superior landscape design skills which have been nurtured by the unique coexistence between history and nature in Japan. By leveraging these design skills, we are engaging in landscape projects of various sizes worldwide, from private gardens to public spaces.

We strive to enrich the lives of local communities, revitalize cities, and create vibrant places to live by integrating the knowledge of experts in various fields with our technology to create landscapes that are rooted in local nature and culture. Our landscape projects have made remarkable achievements in the environment, economy and society.

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Structural Engineering

Even if buildings are beautiful and functional, they are meaningless unless safety is secured. Structural design is the key to building safety. The structural engineering department at Nikken Sekkei has constantly realized state-of-the-art structural design by developing and implementing advanced technologies.

We will not cease our challenge to provide the best technology for the present and future. We will continue to advance structural design, such as ultra-high rise tower buildings and middle-rise offices with seismic isolation.

We will address changing social requirements and the increasing severity of natural disasters, without being constrained by previous experience and knowledge. Our motivation is in sharing the joy of the buildings we design with everyone involved in the process.

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MEP Engineering

Since the founding of the company in 1900, Nikken Sekkei has employed MEP engineers who have shared their values with architects in the making of buildings. As a result, many of the buildings we designed have received various awards and high praise for their energy saving performance.

In our DNA runs the following concept: "Do not fall subject to engineering supremacy. Provide a comfortable environment for the user in the most efficient way possible, without being over-influenced by design trends."

We share spatial images using the latest digital solutions, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM). As a result of its use, the exchange of knowledge between engineers and architects becomes active, and this further nurtures the DNA. Furthermore, we are expanding our scope from "building equipment" to "city equipment," and from "building equipment control" to "people-centric IoT control."

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Civil Engineering

Nikken Group has extensive experience in the planning and design of urban infrastructure facilities. We have worked on many building-related projects, such as elevated traffic hubs, underground space facilities, railroad facilities, pedestrian decks, and underground parking lots.

We are also the industry leader in the evaluation and planning for buffering between buildings in densely populated areas, and ensuring safety in construction on soft ground. We can conduct soil surveys and develop solutions for soil contamination as an owners’ consultant. We have made use of this extensive experience and knowledge in technical consulting for flood prevention and environmental considerations in the urban and regional development of Asian countries such as China and Vietnam.

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Computational Design & BIM

For large-scale construction and complex development projects, the collaboration among experts in design, structure, MEP design, urban planning and landscape design is crucial. Nikken Sekkei can provide comprehensive services by having all of these experts in-house.

In order to manage the ever-increasing complexity of projects, we have developed the Digital Design Lab (DDL), a special team that utilizes the latest design methodology of computational design using computers and AI, and the Digital Design Development Center (3D Center), a specialized BIM team which will become the platform for the digital design era. We have established these organizations internally for the first time in the industry, and they have been used in actual projects, receiving many international awards.

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Sustainability / Resilience

Nikken Sekkei has been leading the development of LCCO 2, a sustainability indicator. We have extensive experience in sustainable construction, where the design of the normal state has considerations for sustaining functionality in an emergency state.

People-centric indoor environment is becoming more important. We are increasing our sensing and control capabilities with IoT and AI. Wellness Design improves productivity while considering health—and Biophilic Design, emphasizes the harmonization with nature.

Sustainability increases people’s resilience, but people must be protected from risks such as natural disasters. Our Resilience Design comprehensively covers areas from risk setting to business impact analysis, infrastructure restoration estimation, and preventive measures.

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Nikken Sekkei has a variety of in-house experts such as architects, planners and engineers, who can provide optimum design proposals for interiors and buildings to entire cities. We work closely with the client to come up with facility solutions that maximize its management resources, while considering the lifecycle of buildings and cities. Activity Design enriches user's activities and enhances innovation in space and society. Workplace Design leverages our extensive knowledge and experience in architecture and space design to enhance the sharing of knowledge in a creative workspace.

Furthermore, we will improve the safety of buildings with structural analysis and refurbishment design, and improve environmental performance through energy consumption survey and improvement proposals.

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Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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Toho Gakuen School of Music

Tokyo, Japan

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The Rail Corridor | Lines of Life


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The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan

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Narita International Airport Terminal 3

Chiba, Japan

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